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Urogenital complications, whether arising from surgeries, diseases, or treatments, are a persistent concern in medical practice. Inadequate detection and management can transform routine procedures into tremendous challenges, extending hospital stays, requiring multiple interventions, and diminishing patients’ quality of life. Delayed identification and suboptimal management of these complications impose significant financial burdens on hospitals, with costs per case reaching up to 1 million euros.

Jörg  Neymeyer
Jörg Neymeyer
Laura Hatzler
Laura Hatzler

Early identification and management of postoperative urogenital complications are vital for improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. This is where UroSavvy, a clinical decision support system, steps in. UroSavvy is specifically crafted to empower healthcare professionals and hospitals with advanced capabilities for detecting, treating, and evaluating such complications.

Utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms and a diverse and unique dataset from the Charité Pelvic Floor Competence Center, the technology helps to optimize decision-making processes and strengthen early detection. Input data, including medical history, surgical reports, and diagnostic results, is evaluated alongside clinical guidelines and best practices. The resulting guidance can enhance patient care throughout the post-operative period via the suggestion of tailored interventions and risk profile generation for identified urogenital issues.
UroSavvy aims to reduce complications, improve outcomes, and lower costs. By fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals, including urologists, gynecologists, and surgeons, it enhances decision-making and patient care.

Patients benefit from early detection and personalized treatment plans, leading to better outcomes, quality, and reduced costs.
The team includes experts from Charité’s Department of Urology and Department of Gynecology. One leads the Pelvic Floor Center and founded the “Comprehensive Endourological Management of Urogenital Complications” Network, while the other heads a research group in Sexology and Sexual Medicine within the Department of Gynecology and Breast Center.

UroSavvy’s vision is to seamlessly integrate postoperative complication management into value-based healthcare. By offering tailored decision support for hospitals now and remotely soon, UroSavvy aim to enhance patient outcomes and reduce costs, establishing UroSavvy as the premier digital platform for urogenital complication management globally.


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Laura Hatzler
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„It’s a very inspiring atmosphere, and very open, and there’s so much support that you’ve never had in other projects. So we really enjoy it. “

Laura Hatzler