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Despite new digital health solutions being invented almost every day, very few solutions actually arrive in real-world healthcare. Hospitals need to balance considerations of backend standardization, interoperability, security, and vendor lock-in, while simultaneously empowering individual clinics to create and/or use uniquely tailored solutions catering to the specific needs of healthcare professionals and their patients.

Healthcare professionals, in turn, are exposed to a barrage of new options, each with different UI and UX requirements, increasing their adoption time. 

Andrea Kreichgauer
Andrea Kreichgauer

Project Lead

Deeply rooted in clinical practice and health IT, the dotPD team came together over two years ago and built an interoperable documentation and remote patient monitoring solution for patients with Parkinson’s Disease and deep brain stimulation therapy. The team went on to further develop and deploy the emerging platform dotbase in a set of reference centers at Charité. Today, the solution dotbase provides a unique workspace for anyone to not only build but also operate, countless digital health solutions efficiently and effectively.

New customized dashboards or patient applications can be easily assembled using its modular and interoperable design with best-in-class features and no-code/low-code adjustability. Its modules already power a wide range of applications, including comprehensive remote patient monitoring platforms, integrated multi-centric clinical trials, and entire hospital outpatient clinics.

The dotPD team aims to revolutionize the digital health, landscape by making it faster, more reliable, and cost-effective for everyone to build and run regulated digital health solutions. For the future, the team seeks to not only empower hospitals and healthcare providers, but also companies that want to augment the patient journey.

With their modular workflow and emphasis on addressing the needs of clinicians, they help to sidestep redundant development costs and ensure smooth integration directly into clinical workflows, providing a fast track to real-world engagement. dotPD is a growing team of proficient software engineers, physicians, UI/UX designers, and health economic specialists, driven by the belief that the digitalization of healthcare has to be rapid, adaptive,