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Bodyclock is the world’s first hair-based home test for determining your inner clock.


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An aligned circadian clock is essential for health. Misalignment or disruption of an individual’s inner time relative to their environment, which is highly prevalent in the fast-paced and globalized lifestyles of modern society, are associated with numerous common diseases such as sleep disorders, psychological disorders, metabolic syndromes, rheumatic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

Achim Kramer
Achim Kramer

Project Lead

In the emerging field of chronomedicine, team BodyTime addresses this medical need with a blood test to determine the individual’s body time by profiling selected genes with specific lab equipment and a bioinformatics algorithm. While as accurate as currently established tests, this solution promises to be less complex, faster and more cost-effective.

Bodytime consists of experts in the field of chronobiology, medicine, and dataanalysis/ software development and spun off in 2021 as Bodyclock Technologies GmbH. They are providing the first RNA hair test for identify the individual internal clock.