4 December 2023

PoroUS GmbH wins the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2023

© Ilka Mai

With its innovative ultrasound procedure, the spin-off PoroUS GmbH, in which Charité holds a stake via its technology service provider Ascenion GmbH, enables cost-effective, X-ray-free and precise early detection of osteoporosis. The Potsdam-based start-up, led by Dr Julia Eschenbrenner (CEO), Jonas Massmann (CTO) and Charité employee Prof Dr Kay Raum (CSO), has now been honored with the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2023 for its innovative and outstanding entrepreneurial work. The innovative technology licensed by Charité via the Charité BIH Innovation (CBI) IP & Licensing team, which analyzes bones with high-resolution ultrasound down to the level of pore size, was developed by Prof. Dr. Kay Raum and his team at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Osteoporosis, or bone loss, is a systemic skeletal disease. Characterized by a decrease in bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, it increases the risk of bone fractures. Many bone fractures caused by osteoporosis could be prevented by targeted drug treatment. However, osteoporosis is still under-treated, partly due to a lack of diagnosis, especially at the beginning of the disease. Millions of people worldwide are affected by this disease. Osteoporosis therefore represents a global health challenge.

While current measurement methods using X-rays only give an approximate indication of the fracture risk associated with bone loss, typically in the advanced stages of the disease, the AI-based product solution from PoroUS GmbH uses quantitative ultrasound technology (QUS) to detect the disease at an early stage, thus making an important contribution to the prevention of bone fractures. Previous X-ray-based procedures can be replaced in the future, osteoporosis can be diagnosed earlier and more precisely, and patients can be treated earlier. In addition, the use of (mobile) ultrasound systems means that the new procedure can also be used outside of hospitals, e.g., in primary care and in retirement homes.

With the Innovation Award, the economic administrations of the two federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg annually honor future-oriented and marketable entrepreneurial work. One of the aims of the competition is to motivate companies to incorporate the competitive factor of innovation even more strongly into their corporate philosophy. The award ceremony for all winners of this year’s competition took place on 24 September 2023 in Potsdam.

Our warmest congratulations!