Overview of selected BIH funding instruments to support medical translation

Two of BIH’s areas of support for medical translation are the BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy (BIA) and Charité BIH Innovation (CBI).

The BIH Biomedical Innovation Academy (BIA) focuses on young scientists and acts as a think tank for strategic human resources development in biomedicine and for new models of academic innovation. Through early scouting of outstanding talents and target group-specific support programs, a new generation of translationally trained young clinical and scientific talent is being produced. The BIA focuses on individual support with the help of focused support programs for each career phase – from the PhD scholarship to the (Junior) (Digital) Clinician Scientist Program and the Advanced Clinician Scientist Program.

Charité BIH Innovation supports researchers and clinicians in the development and transfer of products into medical applications and the healthcare market, e.g. by licensing or founding a company.

In addition to consulting and support in the areas of IP, patenting, licensing and law, Charité BIH Innovation offers two funding programs. The SPARK-BIH program supports projects in the fields of phama, ATMP, biotech and medtech, e.g. for the validation of research results with the aim of therapy or product development. The BIH Digital Health Accelerator Program supports projects based on digital technologies in the development of market-ready digital health solutions in the field of digital health.

The BIA and CBI programs can generally be combined, as long as double funding is excluded. However, prior coordination with the respective program management is absolutely necessary for this. The aim is to open up excellent career paths for outstanding talents in research, clinical practice and entrepreneurship and to enable medical translation into application.