Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision drive our commitment to innovation and excellence. Join us on our journey to make a difference.


Our mission is to drive meaningful innovation in digital health, leveraging the expertise of our clinicians and researchers to create impactful solutions at scale.

As a dedicated digital health program within a leading hospital, we empower clinicians and researchers to turn their visionary ideas into impactful digital solutions. In the face of rising healthcare costs, staff shortages, and an aging population, the BIH Digital Health Accelerator supports clinicians and researchers to build digital solutions that enhance patient care, optimize hospital operations, and address global healthcare challenges — for the benefit of patients and healthcare systems overall.

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Our vision is to pioneer a future where digital health solutions seamlessly integrate into every aspect of patient care, revolutionizing the healthcare landscape.

We envision a world where innovative digital technologies enable healthcare professionals to deliver more effective, personalized, and proactive care.

By fostering collaboration, leveraging the unique insights of our hospital’s clinicians and researchers, and providing entrepreneurship and financial support, we strive to create scalable solutions that make a significant impact both nationally and internationally and contribute to a more sustainable and effective healthcare system worldwide.