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Our innovators have vision, but they need guidance from someone who has done it before and can help teams strategically execute their ideas.

Our mentors shape the future of digital health by empowering our innovators with their experience and wisdom. If you have ever had the privilege of meeting a mentor who changed your career path, then you know how pivotal of a role they play.

By showing our teams what’s possible, our international mentors turn ideas into everyday successes.

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How Mentors Work With Our Future Spin-Offs

As a mentor, you get to work closely with ambitious and innovative clinicians and researchers. Most are building businesses for the first time and need guidance across different areas, including business strategy, partnerships, and regulatory and market access. Whether you are a successful founder or a topic and industry specialist, this is your chance to advise and influence the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Be An Advisor

Leverage your industry expertise and strategic experience to guide startups through their challenges. As an advisor, you’ll get the chance to offer targeted insights and practical solutions.

Be A Mentor

Share your business experiences, provide guidance on various aspects of the founder’s journey, and foster a supportive, long-term relationship aimed at holistic development.



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Dr. Marc Michalski

Angel Investor


Andrew Bourke

Expert for Ideas/Stakeholder Fit


PD Dr. med. Dominik Pförringer

Medical Expertise with Focus on Orthopdedics & Trauma Surgery


Prof. Dr. Dominik Boehler

Expert for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Digital Health



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